Monologue #30 – Mercury Retrograde, yo

Things are slowly being sorted here.  Taking as much time off as I did has given me a new perspective on how I want this blog to look and act, and I can honestly say it’s time for a new experience.  I believe I have fixed the home page to only show a single post at a time now.  That auto-scrolling feature was really bugging me.

I’ve also added a series that follows the adventures of some new characters and one old one.  The Return of Tink (working title so don’t get attached, lol) is based off a short piece I did two years ago for Halloween called Welcome to the Night Terrors.  It wasn’t a great piece, but it stuck in my mind enough that I wanted to do an actual story from it.  I’ve reworked the original a bit and am looking at it like a Prelude to the current series.  If you’re following along and like the story let me know.  I’m shooting for around 20k words when it’s finished, and I’m trying to bang that out pretty quickly, so I’m sure there will be a few holes.  I’m editing bits that have already been posted in order to plug up the ones I’m finding as I go.

I hope everyone had a sweet and enjoyable Samhain.  I live in an apartment so I don’t get any kids begging for candy.  Really, I think there’s only one actual child that lives here anyway, and she’s a screamer.  Totally unworthy of my desire to share candy with strangers.  No matter.  Next up are the turkey and ham holidays so it’s time to break out the yoga pants and get cooking!