The Original Question

Everywhere I turn these days I’m finding something about time travel. It’s probably just me, but I can’t get away from it. The other night I fired up my RokuTv and launched the YouTube channel to see what I could find. Naturally I found everything! I’m lazy when it comes to YouTube videos, I’ll let the autoplay feature run and just live with whatever comes up next until it turns out to be something so dumb that I shuffle off to the kitchen to scrub my dishes because that is way more interesting. Autoplay was onto me though. Eventually I found myself meeting the Annunaki for the first time. Yup, here I am, nearly 52 years old, and just now finding out about this delightful, alien race that, by some, is credited with our creation.

The particular video that I watched first actually snared my interest when it talked about DNA experiments by the Annunaki, then showed the Egyptian pictographs of Anubis. There was a shot of a couple manlike creatures with the heads of lions as well. Normally this kind of information would leave me chuckling and making rude jokes about certain family members being part rat (or worm), but this time I actually sat there and paid attention. I don’t know that I believe everything the video wants me to, but I’m rather intrigued by the DNA thing.

One of my own, big questions about human evolution is shared by many others, so I don’t feel particularly clever about it, but still deeply curious. If humans evolved from Apes, then why aren’t the Apes evolving with us? Why are there still Apes at all? According to YouTube (I know this is funny) humans were created specifically by the Annunaki as workers. Their own slaves had revolted and, the resulting civil war decimated their ranks so deeply, that the Annunaki needed to replace them. Naturally they eye-balled the animals of the planet and tried splicing their slave’s DNA with them to see if they could create an intelligent beast that would obey, yet still be capable of independent problem solving, thereby enabling the Annunaki to wander off for a bath and a beer, secure in the knowledge that the work would be done.

My mind keeps showing me the figure of Anubis. Then it shows me a griffon, a phoenix, and a dragon. And bringing up the rear is the faked image of Big Foot.

Speaking of Big Foot… I don’t believe the beast exists. I’m sure there are a few, hard-core Sasquatch supporters out there who just black-listed me, but I can’t help that. I find more evidence verifying the origins of Santa Claus than I do of a giant, missing link that nobody can actually photograph properly.

Back to the DNA stuff. It almost makes sense to me. One of the most notable things between humans and the other animals of our planet is our massively accelerated evolution. As a species, we have made enough progress in a mere two thousand years to put every other animal on earth at risk of extinction. And the apes are still apes; dogs are still dogs, and birds are still mocking us from the skies. Chalk this up to God or an alien if you like, but I find it very thought provoking. And a bit clever in its foresight. Our human brains are a mixture of amphibian, reptile and mammal. Earthbound workers with minimal regenerative capabilities. Did the Splicers ignore the winged creatures on purpose? Had they given us wings we might have been far less docile, and much more likely to have just flown off, throwing shade as we went.

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