Smashing Pumpkins

In 2016 I participated in NaNoWriMo and completed a really rough draft of my first book.  Since then I’ve been working at turning that 50k word pile of stuff into a solid, cohesive story.  While my story has become clear, the work is slow moving.  To help with the costs of editing, cover art, and marketing I’ve launched this project on Patreon.  For $1 a month you can become a Fan, read the chapters as they roll out and poke around in my life as I regale you with posts about myself and what else I do with my time.

Changing my personal label from Writer to Author is a goal I’ve had since I could first hold a crayon.  It’s my dream.

A Fan

$1 or more per month
All Fans will receive heartfelt gratitude and:

  • Access to each chapter as it is finished
  • Access to the Community
  • A weekly post on WTH I think I’m doing with my life
  • An occasional video as time allows
If you’re feeling ambitious and generous you can become a Bigger Fan and give $5 a month.

A Bigger Fan

$5 or more per month 
My gratitude is enormous here.  Really, I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have a fan like you.  Bigger Fan’s get bigger rewards!

  • All lower tier rewards
  • Preview access to the next chapter
  • Access to my character sketches. NOTE: These aren’t stick figures, I wouldn’t do that to you, but I’ve never taken any real drawing lessons, so the sketches are pretty basic.  Still, if they inspire you to draw you own versions I would love to see them.
  • Access to notes regarding my world-building (current and future)


Naturally there are more levels, but these two are all you need to get involved.  Fans are what make a Creator great.  Without you, our stories will remain unspoken.