Monologue #31

Even working for myself, Monday’s still suck. They especially suck after I’ve had a bunch of really, self-indulgent time off. Work is literally the last thing I want to be facing right now. A nap would really be awesome! Do you know how difficult it is to make myself actually clean and detail my car? I’ve had my rubber floor mats lying in the hallway for days now. They even made it all the way into the bathtub once, but then got moved so my wife could shower. It’s like they represent a bad date where I completely embarrassed myself. I know we have to work it out, there’s no other choice, but right now I’m just refusing to make eye contact. I’m sure the mats are feeling like the bigger person, at least they’re not hiding behind their laptop.


I guess I’ll just go get this done so I can stop with all the active avoidance. God forbid I should be productive. Maybe… if I’m a good girl… I’ll get to go to the sushi buffet later? (daydreaming about fried sushi and pickled mangos)

Yeah, that was the incentive I needed. Enjoy your week!

EDIT:  It took exactly two hours to detail my little Civic, and she now looks fabulous!