So much has changed this past year that I felt this page needed new words on it.  I am the same person, but I’m a bit older and possibly a little wiser.

My stories are all fiction and they are mostly done on the fly.  I used to be the one at work, curled up in a corner on my breaks tapping words into my smartphone.  Now I’m your Uber/Lyft driver watching movies on my tablet and tapping words into my phone in between rides.  I’m a lot happier and far less stressed.

My goal for the coming year is to finish the novel I started last year.  I have about three books waiting in line to be written, I just have to finish this first one.  If you guys like my short stories and homeless scenes I would really appreciate it if you would stick around for a bit a cheer me on.  As long as you’re not a trying to gather followers for your furniture blog or something, I’m quite willing to return the love.  Of course, even furniture deserves love.  I’m not saying I won’t, I’m just saying it’s unlikely.

Time for the devotion to my wife.  She is an amazing supporter of my fiction and never stops throwing story ideas at me.  So many of the stories on this blog are because of her.  Not all of it comes out the way she envisioned because I’m still the driving force behind everything, but I don’t think I’m ever so far off the mark that can no longer see her own contribution.  My current novel in progress is one of her ideas that spun so far out of control that it became its own entity.  I hope with all my heart that she likes the finished product.  She seems to be quite fond of the story still and never ceases to encourage me.