Monday Monologue #8

Quick question?  Who has watched the movie Pompeii?  I just watched it on SyFy the other night and spent most of the movie scratching my head over how awful it was.  I can’t help wondering if it was actually what the writer’s meant it to be?  The 3D effects were pretty but the acting was atrocious  Not to mention the ridiculous things like, picking a lock with a splinter of wood or breaking a sword in half while it’s stuck in your body.  And what about the super long fight scenes?  I’ve seen fist fights that couldn’t go more than five or six minutes because the combatants wore themselves out and couldn’t continue.

This movie is a perfect example of what I think all writers strive to NOT DO.  Who among us wants to find out that our work is a running joke with our intended audience?  That your carefully scripted scene where your MC learns something valuable about himself is actually a parody of something you watched on the Brady Bunch thirty years ago?


Greg:  Is the rust coming off?

Peter:  I hope not, it’s the only thing holding the car together!


Something like that, anyway.

I think learning by example is a great tool, especially when I look back on my earlier work and see glaring moments of idiocy that can only be perceived in direct opposition from what my vision was at the time.  What I see in my mind and how that translates into words and phrases to produce an emotional reaction does not always come out as intended.  Being the creator, I see only the creation and think it’s perfect.  I love it!  Then someone reads my baby and gets something completely different from it and laughs in the wrong place.

Avoiding this is paramount.  I can only hope that putting some time between me and my favorite creations before releasing them to the world will allow me to catch those moments of bassackwardness.  

See what I did there?  Lol.

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