Monday Monologue #7

I knew I would have to do it eventually.  It’s video game fanfiction.  There will have to be fighting.  Things need to be killed.  People need to be hurt.

Writing combat scenes is a new thing for me.  I sat there, staring at my screen, knowing what I had to do but not knowing how to do it.  Finally I just told myself, somebody has to shoot somebody else, here.  Pulling that first trigger was difficult.  I’m not a pacifist, by any means.  Anyone who knows me will say, when it comes to arguments, I am one of the first ones to jump into the middle of things.  Getting myself to actually write a combat scene where people (or similar beings) were going to die was a different thing though.  As the creator, the all-knowing god of my work, embracing violence for the sake of violence with the intention of extinguishing the life of multiple characters seemed so… uncaring, even within the boundaries of a video game.

It happened though.  I did it.  I wrote the first combat scene and managed to not destroy my own soul in the process.

And yes, it did get easier to kill more things after that first one.

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