Saturday Snippet #7

Alone at the bus stop and swathed in scarf, parka and mittens, Chelsie stared down at her phone, scrolling slowly through the search engine results for the word mysticism.  The top result defined it as a noun and included the word Deity, union and spiritual.  Right below that was the second, alternate definition.

  1. 2.  belief characterized by self-delusion or dreamy confusion of thought, especially when based on the assumption of occult qualities or mysterious agencies.

That one made her angry.  Who got to decide these things?

The sound of fast moving footsteps hit her ears.  Alarmed, Chelsie snapped her head up, nostrils flaring.  The air cooled around her as a large shadow flowed over the bench.  Her eyes widened and her jaw loosened into a gape.

The man swept along the sidewalk at a ridiculously fast walking pace.  His jeans were open along the outside seams from the waist down to his canvas, sneakered feet, each step making the heavy fabric flap like great, misplaced wings.  

Chelsie could almost wrap her mind around the pants if it wasn’t for the hair.  His shadow was overly wide and misshapen due to a collection of wigs molded together and draping down his back and shoulders.  Blond hair pressed against red which laid over blacks and browns.  The entire mass expanded outward, giving the appearance of comical size to the man’s head.

In the time it had taken her to look up and see this man, he had passed her by, shrinking into the distance like a bird into the horizon.  Pulling herself together she looked back down at her phone.  The browser app had closed.

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