Monday Monologue #5 – What About Fan Fiction?

It appears that, after fifty years of living, I have finally reached a point in my life where I am overcome with the need to write a piece of fan fiction.  I never thought it would happen to me, especially at my age.  I have certainly been a fan of many things but, never to the point of being moved to create fiction over it.  I don’t know what to think of myself right now.

Don’t misunderstand me here, I’m not frowning on fan fiction.  I have enjoyed reading several things that would never have existed if the authors hadn’t been huge fans of something specific.  Back in those days, it wasn’t referred to as fan fiction though.  Come to think about it, I don’t remember it being called anything except a story.

So, what’s my poison?

Guild Wars 2.

Don’t laugh.  Yes, I’m fifty years old and I love this game.  I played the first one for three years and have been a solid player of the second one since it was in beta.  I infected my wife with the game before we even got together.  We have our own guild and have run all the dungeons more than once.  Sadly, we don’t have enough active players to run any raids so we have settled for chasing all the achievements.

One of the dungeons we conquered, Sorrow’s Embrace, we did as a three-man team.  We began the run with two NPCs in attendance.  One of them bailed part way through so we were left with the othe NPC who was deeply hated by the end.  Given the personalities of the three of us, as well as our decision to not use a voice channel, the entire run was filled with random, emotional explosions as we watched each other do the exact opposite of what we should have been doing despite our helpful suggestions all around.

It is that particular run that I have decided to turn into a story.  Anyone who is familiar with the game and this dungeon will have no difficulty in determining which characters are the NPCs and which ones are me and my guild mates.  Please note, I have taken some serious, artistic license with this story.  Each person is based on a guild member or, established GW2 character, and their particular quirks are given free reign.  I am forced to study the dungeon and it’s execution in close detail to help me create a realistic story environment.  All in all, I feel like it is a good exercise for me in learning to manage detail and multiple characters and activity.  The first scene is almost finished and will publish here on the 29th.  Based on the size of that opening scene I am guessing it will take a few installments to get the entire run written and wrap up any subplots that have already taken hold.  I have to say, I am enjoying the experience.

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