Saturday Snippet #5

It was obvious from how the ceramic tiles were broken she had landed head first.  His stomach rolled over at the image his mind conjured – the skull cracking open like a coconut, its meaty inside pushing outward, bulging slug-like from the bone.  The rest of body landed after; neck, shoulder, side then hips followed by the legs and, finally, the feet.  The deep, shattered outline on the kitchen floor showed perfectly the position of the corpse.  By standing just past the point where the head had impacted, careful to keep his new loafers out of the gore stains, he could look up through the hole in the roof and see open sky.

It was seventy-three degrees.  The sun was shining as clouds puffed happily across the blue horizon.  Many people were having a perfect day.  Just not him.

Or the dead lady.

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