Monday Monologue #4

I’ve been watching the first season of The Magicians on Netflix.  I found the second season on Scy-Fy and thought it looked interesting but I don’t like starting things anywhere but the beginning so I went looking for it.  Ironic, right, since I pants every story I write?  Write… right… does that qualify as too many of the same word in a sentence?  Oh well, I’m shrugging this one off.  As for The Magicians, I’m liking the the show but I find myself making harsh comparisons between it and a number of other magical shows that I have seen like, oh – Harry Potter, Charmed, Buffy… um… Karate Kid.  Okay, that one wasn’t actually magical but for some reason it comes to mind.  I’ve learned that when my mind makes random associations there is usually a reason.  The Karate Kid may not be magical but it definitely has that wax on, wax off sort of comparison.  The point I’m driving at is that we have put together so many plots and characters that we are bound to repeat things.

I have heard it said that there is nothing original left to write/create.  It’s all been done.  So why do we keep trying?  Why are there so many writers in the world hammering away on their keyboards writing stories and creating characters and situations if it’s all been done already?  Well, I can’t speak for everyone else but, I do it because I am painfully familiar with the last thing left in Pandora’s box.  Somewhere in my mind, I have hope that I have a perspective on life that someone, somewhere, will find interesting, intriguing or, downright whacked that they will read my work and actually take something away with them.

The goal of a writer is to tell a story.  We are the narrators of life.  We feel a personal connection with telling the details of an event in such a way that others will be captivated enough to actually experience that event.  It doesn’t matter if the story we tell is real or imagined, what matters is that other people feel something when they hear it or read it.  To this end we will keep pounding out words, calculating plots and developing characters to live them in the hope that others will find a common experience they enjoy so much they will tell others about it.

Have a good week.  I wish you great joy and inspiration in your craft.

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