Saturday Snippet #4

The store was chaos.  Adults elbowed each other out of the way while their children scaled the shelves, screaming like Howler Monkeys as they tried to reach the games at the top.  Black Friday doesn’t hold a candle to a major chain going out of business and slapping seventy-five percent markdowns on everything.

Heather curled her fingers around a Rubik’s Cube, barely in its box. She could have it for three dollars.  She had been wanting one ever since she had seen that video online.  Someone jostled her and she fumbled the cube.  A cry of frustration blasted from her lips as she tried to regain control.  For just a second the box seemed to levitate above her fingers, then a small child shot in front of her, through the narrow, impassable space between her hips and the shelf.  Her focus shattered and she jumped backward in a swirl of winter jacket and scarf.  The cube tumbled away.

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