Monday Monologue #2

So, I continued to struggle with my MC for a couple days longer before getting the idea to write something about him in first person as opposed to the third person I am using for my book.  Lo and behold, the man had thoughts!  I wrote a small piece of his backstory, one of the events that is directly responsible for why he is the person he is.  I am astounded at how much of him I discovered.  The piece will probably not be included in the finished book but, I’m not sorry to have done it.  It was such a learning experience for me.

I find myself wondering if I applied this exercise to a few of my past MCs if it would change the way I wrote them?  I might try it when I get a bit more time.  Right now I feel like I’m up to my ears in things to do between book and blog and living my life.  All the things I want to do have to be fit into the empty spots between the things I have to do to keep my life heading in the direction I want it to.  Seems like an infinite loop, eh?

On to a more direct question.  While I have not gotten my manuscript to a readable form just yet, I am wondering about the appropriate time to start developing cover art?  At some point I will have to have it.  Should I make it myself or make use of a service?  I’m really scratching my head here.  I’m somewhat inclined to do it myself since my photo shop skills are, what I consider, reasonable but, if I make it and think it’s great and it’s really garbage then I’ll be stuck with garbage.  See the problem there?

One last thing before I run off into the sunrise… I hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day.  We set out for the local Walgreen at 5 a.m. the day after for observance of the Half-price Chocolate Day on the 15th.  I highly recommend this observance. 🙂

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