Monday Monologue #1 – Smashing Pumpkins

Revising and editing is hard work!  I have been successfully avoiding the bulk of the work by opening my laptop and the appropriate file then walking away to scrub my range top, scrape the litter box, vacuum all the cat hair from my furniture or just take a quick power nap.  There are so many effective and justifiable ways to not work on my book that it’s a wonder I have gotten anywhere with it at all.

I have to say, though, I am pleased with my present level of work – and my clean apartment.  Smashing Pumpkins (still a tentative title) is coming clearly into focus.  I have struggled a bit with my choice of a main character though.  In my mind, the MC has changed three times so far.  I believe this current choice is the one I will stick with though.  It has taken some heavy cleaning (the range top) to get my thoughts and background on the MC in order.  Somewhere during the mad dash of NaNoWriMo I neglected to actually develop this guy.  Deciding to use him as the MC brought me to a halt when I was unable to actually get him moving.  After several failed attempts to ignite his inner light I realized that I didn’t know a damn thing about him.  He had no life before this story.  I needed to sit down and flesh him out.

It’s funny to me that I managed to create a character that I knew nothing about.  The other characters of the book came forward out almost fully formed.  They were demanding to be noticed.  This guy… this guy, kinda slipped into the story without being noticed.  He sat quietly in a single chapter without really drawing attention to himself.  After NaNoWriMo ended I was left will all these pages of people and events and emotion that had no clear starting point.  I knew exactly where the ending was but finding the true beginning involved repetitive sorting and weighing of each character.  As I typed and retyped, this guy kinda stepped out from the crowd, all by himself, and bowed to me.  The strong, silent type.

I am rolling along again and hope to have a completed manuscript by June.  I’m not going to hold my breath over it but, that is my current goal.

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