NaNoWriMo – Synopsis

Here’s the one thing that I keep getting asked for, a synopsis of the novel I’m working on for NaNoWriMo.  I started out listing this as Thriller/Suspense but have since changed it to Horror.  I have to say, this project is like no other that I’ve undertaken.  The month has barely started and I’m smashing keys like I have never done before.  Forced to be at my job during the official start of November I managed to tap out about about a thousand words on my phone throughout the night.  Thank you Google Docs. 🙂

Out of curiosity, what program do you write with?  I am seeing things in the NaNoWriMo forums that I didn’t know existed so my interest is piqued.  Is anyone writing with something specific and if so, why?  I use Office Libre and Google Docs.

And now, the synopsis.

Orphaned by a bus accident and being raised by his maternal grandmother Jeffrey has reached the age of five and is now required by law to participate in the annual North American Jack-o-lantern contest.  Having raised her own daughter to productive adulthood Caroline is certain she can do the same with her grandson but her heart really isn’t it.  

Neisha is thirteen already but, through a clerical error has been directed to enter a jack-o-lantern in this years contest.  Her mother, Nema, is racing the clock to try and get the error fixed before Devil’s Night arrives.

Samson has to file appropriate reports on the children he teaches in his first grade class.  The reports go directly to the JOC and play a part in the committee’s decisions about which jack-o-lanterns to officially smash each year.  Knowledge is definitely power but can he do what he knows he has to?  Can he file the report that may get a child’s pumpkin smashed?

Carl has no children of his own but he doesn’t let that stop him from participating in the contest in his own way.  According to the rules, if a jack-o-lantern is smashed the child it represents will be disposed.  It doesn’t matter if the JOC does the actual smashing or not.  Having lost his two older brothers to the JOC Carl knows there really are no exceptions.

With the JOC breathing down everyone’s neck for the next forty-five days tensions and motives run high for a cast of characters who all have their reasons for what they do.  Who’s pumpkin will still be smiling after midnight on October 31st?


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